International Conference on Energy Efficiency in Historic Buildings 2024

07. Oktober 2024 - 09. Oktober 2024

Ort: University Krems, Auditorium Maximum / National Gallery Singapore

Veranstalter: University for Continuing Education Krems

For the first time the conference will be held in two countries & cities at the same time: Singapore & Krems-Austria in early October 2024. ​

Achieving the goals of reducing energy consumption and climate change will require the contribution of all sectors including the construction industry. Historic and traditional buildings represent a significant and growing proportion of the world´s building stock. Solutions are needed that respect the historic fabric of these buildings while contributing to energy efficiency improvements.

Preserving the world´s ecology and culture, as well as buildings, is a task for the entire planet. For the first time, our Fifth International Conference on building conservation brings together two very different climatic and cultural zones . We hope to learn a lot from each other. 
You will find all information on the congress website:


Call for Papers

We would like to invite you to submit your abstract for the EEHB 2024.

These are the key dates:
Invitation to submit abstracts                10 March 2024
Abstract submission deadline                30 May 2024
Notification of acceptance                     30 June 2024
Paper submission                                     30 August 2024

Please feel free to use the suggestions, which are listed under the ´Topics´ tab on our homepage.

Please send your abstract with the guidelines for abstracts to the following e-mail address:


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