CRRB 2022

10. November 2022 - 11. November 2022

Call for papers for the 24th International Conference on the Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Buildings - CRRB 2022.

Ort: Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic

Veranstalter: WTA-CZ

The main theme of the conference is rehabilitation and reconstruction of buildings. It is especially dedicated to the new building materials and technologies in civil enginnering, it's design, preparation and properties. Designed materials are determined for energy cosumption savings, environmental improvement, preservation of cultural heritage. The design is in many cases focused on the use of secondary raw materials. Main objective is properties (physico-mechanical, physico-chemical) observation and improving, then resistance observation in different conditions (sulfuric, carbonate, corrosion processes). Designed materials (composites) can be polymer based, silicate based (e.g. cement, lime); with a lot of different fillers (anorganic and organic too).

The 24th Conference on the Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Buildings will address the issue of building rehabilitation, a field which can be topically classified into the following areas of interest:

  1. Timber and Timber Protection
  2. Surface Technology
  3. Natural Stone and Artificial Stone
  4. Masonry
  5. Maintenance of Concrete Structures
  6. Physico-Chemical Basis
  7. Statics and Dynamics
  8. Timber-framed Masonry
  9. Fire Protection
  10. Steel and Glass


In addition to the traditional issues of renovation and reconstruction of buildings, the main topic of the conference will be the current topic

Opportunities to use Green Deal to increase the sustainability of industrial production.


Selected papers from the CRRB 2022 recommended by the scientific committee will be further considered for the publication in prestigious journals.


Important dates:

  • Application and abstract submission for the conference: 30.06.2022
  • Submitting of complete papers for the conference: 09.09.2022
  • Conference venue: 10. – 11. 11. 2022, Brno, Czech Republic


Registration form can be submitted via following link: online registration.


For more information, please visit the web page: or contact the organisator via e-mail:

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