Technical Commission 6 - Building Physics


The technical commission 6 "Building Physics" deals with all questions relating to building physics  in connection with the restoration and modernisation of buildings. Current topics for the development of leaflets are:

  • Hygrothermal dimensioning of timber constructions
  • Determination of physical-chemical material and component properties
  • Climate and climate stability in historical buildings
  • Internal insulation in existing buildings
  • Modelling of heat and moisture transport processes in components and entire buildings and the resulting ageing or weathering processes or damage mechanisms
  • Air tightness in existing buildings - Requirements for planning and execution
  • Technical drying of wet components
  • Building thermography in stock
  • Sound insulation and room acoustics in existing buildings
  • Wall surface heatings

The members of the technical commission meet once a year for a unit meeting. At its present time, this takes place either in Weimar (WTA Sachverständigentag) or in Leipzig (Denkmal-Messe), following the annual event of the German national group.


Dr.-Ing. Gregor A. Scheffler
Ingenieurbüro Dr. Scheffler & Partner GmbH

Dr.-Ing Anatol Worch
Saint Gobain

Number of members: 147


The following recommendations have been published by the Technical Commission "Building Physics" :

6-1    Edition: 05.2002/D

A guide to hygrothermal computer simulations

6-2    Edition: 12.2014/D

Simulation of Heat and Moisture Transfer

6-2    Edition: 12.2014/E

Simulation of Heat and Moisture Transfer

6-3    Edition: 04.2006/D

Calculative prognosis of mould growth risk

6-4    Edition: 10.2016/D

Internal thermal insulation according to WTA I: planning guide

6-5    Edition: 04.2014/D

Interior insulation according to WTA II: Evaluation of internal insulation systems with numerical design methods

6-8    Edition: 08.2016/D

Assessment of humidity in timber constructions – simplified verifications and simulation

6-9    Edition: 11.2015/D

Airtightness of buildings, Part 1: General principies of planning

6-10  Edition: 11.2014/D

Airtightness of buildings, Part 2: Detailed planning and execution 

6-11  Edition: 12.2015/D

Airtightness of buildings, Part 3: Measuring Procedure

6-12  Edition: 07.2011/D

Climate and climate stability in historic buildings

6-15  Edition: 08.2013/D

Drying techniques for water saturated building elements, Part 1: General principles

6-16  Edition: 01.2019/D

Drying techniques for water saturated building elements: Planning, execution and controling

6-18  Edition: 02.2019/D

Infrared thermography for buildings


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