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WTA-Days 2020

The next WTA-Days will take place on 19 and 20 March 2020 in Vienna.

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WTA-Award 2020

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Recommendations for restoration

WTA – Recommendations

to various tasks in the preservation of buildings and monuments. Here you will find further information on topics and contents of the leaflets, as well as ordering options.

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Welcome to the "International Association for Science and Technology of Building Maintenance and Monuments Preservation",(WTA)

The mission of the international association WTA e.V. is the fostering of research and its practical deployment in the disci-plines of building and monument preservation. In this context, one of the primary tasks is to implement practical experiences and to make them usable with the aim of accelerating the application of new insights and modern technologies.

Since 01.05.2015 the certifications are confered to WTA GmbH

"Radon in the building stock"

With the modification of the Strahlenschutz-Gesetz (Radiation Protection Act) and the Strahlenschutz-Verordnung (Radiation Protection Ordinance) as of 31.12.2018, the requirements of structural protection measures against excessive radon exposure in existing buildings have been met. Particularly in the case of energetic renovation, the radon concentration in buildings increases, since the discharge of the radioactive gas radon is also reduced by improving the air tightness of the building envelope. The working group is to draw up a WTA leaflet that can be a guideline for planners, tradesmen and experts working in the building sector when dealing with the new questions of protection against excessive radon concentrations in common rooms and workplaces in buildings.

WTA receives gold medal

On 10 November 2018, the WTA e.V. will be awarded the gold medal for outstanding achievements in the preservation of historical monuments in Europe at the leading European trade fair "denkmal".

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