Restoration of interior natural stone tiled floors



Technical commission 4 focuses on the analysis of the structural state as well as the retroactive sealing of buildings. This work addresses both, soil contact sealing as well as the sealing in walls and the plinth areas.

Unlike the provisions in the standards and regulations that cover the subject matter of structural sealing in new buildings, the WTA codes of practice also describe the steps that are the prerequisites that must be in place to ensure the successful performance of sealing.

The first step in this process is the analysis of the building status so that the condition of the building to be retroactively sealed and the water forces impacting the building can be determined, based on which a suitable sealing method can be selected. The codes of practice also describe the required underground preparation methods that differ from the sealing work performed in new buildings as well as methods that are not used in new buildings, such as internal sealing systems and systems for the retroactive installation of horizontal barriers.

Furthermore, this technical commission is in charge of a code of practice pertaining to the objectives and the control of mould damage refurbishments in interior spaces, since such refurbishment is frequently performed in parallel to the implementation of retroactive sealing measures aiming to create premium usable residential space.


Rainer Spirgatis
baut´s Sachverständigenbüro

Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Bogs

Sören Hoffmann
PRINZ Deutschland GmbH

Number of members: 195


The following recommendations have been published by the Technical Commission "Waterproofing" :

4-5    Edition: 09.1999/D

Evaluation of masonry

4-6    Edition: 11.2014/D

Sealing of structural elements in contact with soil at a later stage

4-7    Edition: 04.2015/D

Mechanical horizontal barriers for existing buildings

4-9    Edition: 12.2019/D

Subsequent sealing and restoration of building and component socles

4-10  Edition: 03.2024/D

Injection techniques with certified injection materials against capillary moisture transport

4-11  Edition: 03.2016/D

Measuring the water content or the moisture of mineral building materials

4-12  Edition: 05.2021/D

Goals and control of treatments of internal mould fungus damage



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