The work of the technical commission concentrates on special topics and details of the field "Maintenance of concrete". Working groups prepare recommendations and state-of-the art reports with supplementary and in-depth information on the existing regulations which have been introduced in Germany by the building authorities and which are still to be expected. In addition, solutions for previously unregulated problems are also developed.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rolf P. Gieler
Sachverständiger für Betoninstandsetzung und Korrosionsschutz, Beschichtungen und Energieeffizienz von Gebäuden
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Chem. Andrea Osburg
Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Dr.-Ing. Kay Bode 
Vestas Central Europe

Dipl.-Ing. Gerd Ziegenhorn
Zilch + Müller Ingenieure GmbH

Number of members: 137


24.06.2019 General meeting

25.06.2019 6th Colloquium Maintenance of Concrete, Hamburg

General Assembly

General Assemblies of the technical commissions are not only an optimal platform for networking, but also offer all interested parties the opportunity to help shape the future activities of the Unit. In addition, important information from the WTA and on the work of the individual working groups is passed on in the course of the unit meetings.

The last general meeting took place on 18 June 2018 in Brno/CZ. For the members of the WTA Concrete Division, the current minutes will be available in future in the members' area.

Other events

The WTA Concrete Division regularly conducts seminars, colloquia and other training events with various partners (TAE, EIPOS, colleges and universities, etc.).

The WTA Concrete Maintenance Colloquium, which takes place annually in June, has meanwhile established itself. The event in Hamburg is planned for 2019 and will focus on water structures. Details can be found in the event flyer or on our event page.

An overview of the lectures of the last event (5th WTA Colloquium Concrete Maintenance in Brno/CZ) can be found in the flyer of the event. The short articles can be found at IRB-Verlag.

New start for the concept working group

On 02.03.2017 the constituent meeting of the working group 5.17 "Maintenance concepts" took place in Karlsruhe. At this meeting Dipl.-Ing. Gerd Ziegenhorn was elected as working group leader and Dipl.-Ing. Helena Eisenkrein-Kreksch as deputy.
The working group currently comprises 23 members from various fields (research, planning/expert, contractors and product manufacturers). In terms of content, the working group is concerned with the preparation of an information sheet for the definition and specification of the components of repair concepts in the context of the repair planning of concrete components and structures, as they are listed and required in currently valid standards, regulations as well as legal and official specifications.

Founding Meeting of the Working Group "Historical Concrete Constructions"

On 12.02.2016 the founding meeting of the working group "Historical Constructions" under the leadership of Dr.-Ing. Andrei Walther took place at the FH Erfurt. Anyone interested in this topic is welcome to contact the head of the working group or the head of the department.

New Working Group "Concrete Inner Tanks"

With the approval of the Presidium, AG 5.26 "Subsequent installation of concrete inner tanks to seal against pressurised water" was newly founded under the leadership of Georg Schäfer. The founding meeting took place during the trade fair Denkmal in Leipzig on 07.11.2014.

Recomkmendation "Monitoring the quality of fresh concrete in Switzerland" completed

Working group 5.24 under the leadership of Mr. Philippsen has completed the recommendation "Monitoring the quality of fresh concrete in Switzerland". The recommendation is available from the WTA office.