Natural Stone and Artificial


Currently 4 working groups are dealing on the topics:

  •     Coatings on natural stone - retouching, setting and slurry
        (WG 3.8 Application technology in natural stone restoration)
  •     Salt reduction of porous building materials (WG 3.13)
  •     Repair of natural stone floor coverings (WG 3.19)
  •     Repair of bricks and brickwork (WG 3.20)

Discussions are currently underway with colleagues to set up a working group on the problem of slip resistance on natural stone surfaces.

It is planned to update the WTA recommendations  3-9-95/D "Assessment of cleaned stone surfaces ", 3-10-97/D "Cadastral maps to characterise the state and material properties of stone buildings".


Dr. E. Wendler
Fachlabor Dr. E. Wendler

Dr. Friedrich Grüner
MPA Stuttgart

Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Weise
Heidelmann & Klingebiel Planungsgesellschaft mbH

Number of members: 102

3-5      Edition: 09.1998/D

Restoration for natural stone according to WTA I: Cleaning

3-7      Edition: 10.1997/D

Technology of restoration of natural stone: Production of copies by moulding

3-8      Edition: 09.1997/D

Restoration of natural stones according to WTA II: Restoration and replacement of natural stone

3-9      Edition: 07.1997/D

Assessment of cleaned stone surfaces

3-10    Edition: 09.1998/D

Restoration for natural stone according to WTA XII: Cadastral maps to characterise the state and material properties
of stone buildings

3-11    Edition: 09.1997/D

Restoration for natural stone according to WTA III: Restoring natural stones by restoration mortars or restoration materials

3-12    Edition: 10.2016/D

Restoration for natural stone: Masonry joint repair

3-13    Edition: 02.2003/D

Non-destructive desalination of natural stones and other porous building materials with poultices

E-3-13 Edition: 12.2018/D

Desalination of porous building material by means of poultices

3-15    Edition: 05.2014/D

Restoration of In-Situ Terrazzo

3-16    Edition: 12.2009/D

Restoration of artificial stone

3-17    Edition: 06.2010/D

Water-repelling impregnation of mineral building materials 

3-18    Edition: 09.2014/D

Monitoring of natural stone buildings and monuments

3-19    Edition: 10.2016/D

Restoration of interior natural stone tiled floors


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