WTA-YPA 2024 in der Kategorie "Educational"

Die Wissenschaftlich-Technische Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Bauwerkserhaltung und Denkmalpflege International e.V. (WTA-INT) verleiht jährlich den WTA Young Professionals Award für herausragende Leistungen auf den Gebieten der Forschung und Praxis der Bauwerkserhaltung und Denkmalpflege.

Der diesjährige WTA Young Professionals Award in der Kategorie "Educational" wurde

                           Frau Athiná Papadiamanti Civil Engineer, MSc für ihre Masterarbeit
     "Evaluation of the Broumov Parish house failure, its casuality, and some ideas of remediation"


In einer Kurzpräsentation stellte Frau Papadiamanti die Schwerpunkte ihrer Arbeit vor.
Die vollständige Arbeit finden Sie hier.


This research investigates the application of structural glass in restoration and conservation practices in order to highlight and safeguard our built heritage; a distinguishable, yet discreet approach. Current restoration treatments with traditional materials bear the risk of conjecture between original and new elements, while the ambition to enhance the structural integrity of the endangered structures, often results in visually invasive and irreversible solutions that can impair the authentic image of the monuments. In this context, glass could be the answer to this on-going debate between restoring and preserving, a promising restoration solution able, on the one hand to consolidate the historic buildings and on the other hand to reveal their stratification. The transparency of glass enables the simultaneous perception of both the original and ruinous state of the monument, giving a material and immaterial appearance that relates the structure to both the past and the present setting.

This thesis focuses on evaluating and investigating the Broumov parish house's condition and the factors contributing to its deterioration. The building, dating back to the Baroque era, houses invaluable 14th-century frescoes that have only recently received attention. The goal of this research is to understand the causes of decay, particularly the observed cracking patterns of the interior, and evaluate the situation.
The thesis begins by providing insights into the building's historical background, geometry, and an assessment of the deterioration patterns. To facilitate the analysis, a 3D model of the parish house was constructed using photogrammetric scanning techniques. Then a 2D model of the wall where the most severe cracks are present was created. The analysis of the model was done using ATENA 2D software.
Given the limited information available regarding material properties and soil characteristics, a range of assumptions and hypotheses were explored to uncover the factors contributing to the observed cracking patterns. Based on the findings, recommendations for further investigations and monitoring strategies are put forth to aid in the ongoing preservation and maintenance of the Broumov parish house.


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